109 - Scrappin'


A single hoop earring lies on the ground. A small spot of blood lines the latch where the earlobe it once adorned was split open. The parking lot of the Break-Off Lounge is eerily silent, but only recently so.

Violence erupted in front of the popular night club just hours ago when local self-described “entrepreneur” Darrylneisha Stevens (Amateur Parking Lot Fight Record 12-0) heard aspiring stripper Rebecca “Trashy White” Perkins  (Amateur Parking Lot Fight Record 9-1) talking all kind of that stupid shit behind her back. Perkins would later report Stevens was “some kind of paranerd” [sic] and was calling her all kinds of bitches and hoes. Witnesses on scene confirmed Stevens called Perkins two different kinds of bitches and a least one ho, but added that Perkins is a “real nasty bitch too, though.”

An intense one round fight ensued before referees on scene broke up the fight for safety reasons, and handcuffed both Stevens and Perkins because they “didn’t know when to shut the hell up.” The judging panel returned a unanimous decision that Perkins “got knocked the fuck out,” leaving Stevens still undefeated, and the baddest bitch around.