113 - Jerrerry


Your custom jewelry business isn’t doing so well.

You were sure your listing “pulled milk container plastic rings now they’re earrings put them in your earholes” would fly off the shelves, but it hasn’t even gotten off the runway yet. The shelf runway.

This is worse than the time you failed to sell a single “use these spent bullet casings as thimbles or like armor or something but you have to clean them yourself.” It’s not unreasonable to ask people to do a little do-it-yourself work on your crafts. You were only asking ten dollars a piece, after all. Where else are you going to find prices like that?

You feel you’ll never recover from your initial disaster of “piece of chain-link fence wrapped around a mop handle now it’s a ring or whatever maybe you can put it on your dick if you’re kinky or some shit,” which you think is totally unfair because you’ve come so far as an artist since then.