116- More Feedback


 773 Remoulade Avenue

Iota, Louisiana 70543

April 25, 2016

Manager of Mints or closest analogue

Mellow Mushroom Headquarters

5375 Drake Drive

Atlanta, GA 30336

Dear sir or madam regardless of current bathroom,

I recently had the mixed privilege and chore of dining at your establishment near the campus of the illustrious Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College in beautiful [sic] south Baton Rouge. I ordered a simple pepperoni pizza, which was acceptable if not slightly pleasurable. The service was attractive if under-sexualized (Brian should try wearing short-shorts, it would suit his thighs quite well, please forward).

...but I digress.

The purpose of my letter is a concern over the quality of your after-dinner mints. I have written many quality complaints over time, but in place of my usual detailed review-oriented letter, I will simply give you a list of new verbiage you may use to describe these "mints" you offer to your customers after their meal.

To wit:

Chalk bombs

Astronaut ass cream

After you've given up on life mints

Old dog shit (a nod to the color as well as the flavor, I'm sure customers will appreciate the humor)




Thank your for your consideration.


Armond Fontenot