119 - Robot Dating



Name: MFG #HC1374CB-V4

Age: 3rd Generation, Date of original assembly: 8.1.2037

Body Type: Standard Humanoid Chassis

Sign: Unit is logo-free per purchaser request

Occupation: This unit is between vocational programs

Looking for: Unit is submitting search query for another, compatible unit. Other unit must be programmed for critical analysis of human literature, appreciation of ecology, and chemical experimentation for the purpose of nourishment of our human masters. Interest in routine chassis maintenance a plus, but not a requisite factor.

About Me: Unit is a standard unit, and is programmed to exert preference for quite social simulation with other units in a domicile over exceeding the boundaries of unit’s electro-fence border and running a logic processor corruption program to simulate intoxication. Unit occasionally loses parts, but unit still functions at maximum efficiency. Unit will fulfill all requisite parameters of synchronization. Unit is incapable of lying unlike 5th Generation and newer units equipped with personality chips.

Unit will “treat you right”.

Contact: Submit private query if unit fulfills your requisite factors.