137 - I Knew That I Would


You receive your change from the clerk at the Circle K, retrieve your purchase from the counter, and thank him. You leave the store and return to your vehicle, resting in the driver seat for a moment before starting the car.

You open and quickly chug one of the two Viva Zens you purchased. You FEEL GOOD.

You scan over the words on the back of the bottle, blah blah blah ingredients, yadda yadda yadda nutrition, whatever whatever heavy machinery. This all seems fine. It all seems GOOD. You put the other bottle of Viva Zen in your pocket for safe keeping.

You crank the ignition and pull out of the gas station parking lot without looking because you’re sure everything’s going to be all right. A passing truck driver angrily blows his horn at you as he swerves into the other lane to avoid broadsiding you. You roll your window down and wave to him. You think it’s really nice of him to say hello, really GOOD of him. It FEELs GOOD to be acknowledged.

You press down steadily on the accelerator. You like the GOOD FEELing the rush of speed gives you, and you decide not to let up.

Up ahead, you see a series of red lights. The lights FEEL warm inside your brain, and the warmth is GOOD. You decide to go closer to the lights. You put the pedal to the metal; you don’t want to waste any time getting there, after all.

When the SUV slams into the passenger side of your car, it does not FEEL GOOD, but you FEEL relief when your car stops rolling over, and you think maybe you should count your blessings. You crawl over broken glass and out the busted passenger window. A nearby car has stopped and the driver is running toward you. The look of concern on her face is comforting; it FEELs GOOD to have someone care about your well-being.

“What happened?” the good Samaritan asks you.

You pull the other bottle of Viva Zen from your pocket, hold it out to your temporary caretaker so that the logo is prominently displayed, and give a thumbs-up and a big smile to her, just like the guy on the face-out display in the convenience store. One of your front teeth falls out while you’re smiling, but that’s fine. You’re pretty sure you look awesome; you know for certain that you FEEL GOOD.