170 - Eensty Rider


It’s time to hang it up, you think. You’ve had a good run on your hog, but the crash you just survived makes you realize Susie is right: big wheeling is just too dangerous.

You’ve had some close calls on the old big wheel, but the ouchie you got on your elbow that last spill you took made the scraped knee you got two months ago look like nothing more than a boo-boo.

Hell, that Power Wheels Jeep came out of nowhere! They’re right, nobody is looking out for big wheels on the road. They’re all too busy looking at their candy case cell phones.

All this extra risk might have been fine and dandy when you were five years old, but you’re pushing six and a half now. Danger is a younger man’s game.

Besides, you’re a family man now. You’ve got a puppy at home to think about. It’s a huge responsibility. Who would walk Rover every day if you got blind-sided by a third-grader on a bicycle and were layed up the hospital? That’s right, your mom.

So long, you tell your big wheel, one day I’ll ride you again on that big sidewalk in the sky.