172 - Dat Wobble


After a tireless search, you’ve finally gotten your hands on the rarest of Weebles: Disgruntled Construction Worker Don. He drinks, he wobbles, but he never falls down and you better not tell the boss about this or we’re going to have a problem.

Don is rare because he has a small speaker that plays a set of pre-recorded phrases when you push him over. Only a test run of a few hundred were ever made and most have been lost.

You place Don on the table and use your index finger to push him over.

“Whoaaa!” he exclaims in a scratchy, low-quality recording as he comes back up.

Fun! You push him again.

“Cut it out, the boss is gonna see!” he says.

Once more you wobble the Weeble. Instead of a voice recording, the sound that emits from the speaker is what sounds like a beverage can being opened, then just a gurgling noise. Must be a defect. You push Don again without waiting for the sound to finish.

“Interrupt me while I’m drinking again, boy, and I’m gonna shove this hard hat up your ass,” he says in a strangely clear recording. Afterwards, the gurgling noise continues for a few seconds before stopping and being punctuated by a burp.

You place Don back in his box, deciding it’s probably best to stop ruining the collector’s value.