191 - Rainbomb


Your explosives ordinance disposal training has come in handy today. You remove the explosive device from under your car and ensure with a final check that it is disarmed.

A snip here, a cut there, and the components lay disassembled in front of you. The small detonator is standard fare, but something is off about the explosive composition- it shifts under the pressure of your grip, and a soft whisper can be heard from within when you turn it. This requires further investigation.

You carefully cut the explosive in half and as you break through the far end, the bundle breaks. A cloud of pink glitter bursts forth. You sparkle and shimmer in the afternoon sun.

After you recover from your initial bewilderment, you inspect the package, now emptied of its twinkling payload. There’s nothing else inside: no explosive, no shrapnel, no gas. Just more glitter.

Wait, you think after a spark of recognition, I’ve seen this before.

You quickly grab the wire bundle that was part of the glitter bomb and cut through the insulation. It reveals seven smaller wires, each insulated in a different color, forming an electrically conductive rainbow.

I knew it! You declare internally. The gays are trying to make my life just a little more fabulous.

They won’t get away with this.