192 - Hot Shit


You've been welding all day, busting out tight connection after tight connection. You are a master of the torch, and no one can stop you. In fact, you've only slipped up once today. You are on fire.

No, you are literally on fire. That one slip-up was putting your hand in front of your torch for whatever dumb reason, and now your glove is engulfed in flames.

Remember the safety videos you had to watch when you got hired at the plant seven years ago. What were you supposed to do first? Notify a supervisor? You're pretty sure that's it.

Luckily, the boss is standing right next to you.

"I'M ON FUCKING FIRE!" you scream into the boss' face. "AAAAAUUUGGGH!" you add. Good job. You're sure your strict adherence to safety protocol will be commended later.