100 - Mooch


Jamie asked me to borrow a needle again and it’s like, oh my god, what a fucking loser.

This is the fucking fifth time in as many days she hasn’t brought her own shit to the click house and it’s like, if she can’t even steal hypos from her diabetic grandma’s medicine cabinet like a normal person, why are y’all still friends? This is worse than the time she showed up behind the alley without any H and then suggested y’all split a hit. What the fuck was that all about, anyway?

Everybody else here brings their own burn kit in a sunglass case like a responsible adult, Jaime. You don’t see Jake walking around asking for cotton balls after he misses a vein half a dozen times, because he’s a grown-up and nobody around here needs to read him a bed time story and turn on the night light while he’s nodding off.

You need me to hold your spoon while you burn, Jamie? Huh? Need me to show you which end of the needle to use? Does baby need a binky while she ties off?

Get your fucking life together, Jamie.