227 - Excuse Me


“Who’s up next, Bob?” asks Tom.

“Tom, stepping up to the platform is Bubba “Bubbles” Robertson,” replies Bob. “Robertson is a relative newcomer to the world of competitive belching, but his considerable lung capacity and tremendous diaphragm control has catapulted him to the top of the list for championship contenders.”

“I’ve heard that, Bob. I’ve also heard his short career has already been marred by scandal. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Tom. There have been allegations that Robertson’s talent as a belcher isn’t all natural.”

“Accusations of performance enhancers?”

“Just so, Tom. Several athletes have given statements saying they’ve seen Robertson chugging A&W Root Beer in the locker room before events.”

“That’s a shame, Bob. Hopefully it’s just rumors. Always a tragedy to see a promising career cut short by poor decision-making.”

“You’re right about that Tom. Now let’s watch some belching!”