268 - Fan Fiction Fan Ficton


CM punk gotten on his motorcycle. "WWE was real good, said CM punk, but now it has  time to retire and be in the easy UFC."

"Vroooom" the motorcycle sayed and he drives out of the ring and into the sunset.

Pretty soon, he arrived at the UFC stadium because it was time to fight and win. "I'm here for you" CM told the other fighter a man.

"No, CM, it s you who will be caught it MY web" and shot the web at Cm and CM was caught in the web not able to wrestle. "Not me son!"

But CM had slipped the antidote to his motorcycle and the medicine got to him and feel better. Nothing could done and the opponent was done and over.

"Finally, I have become UFCM punk" said and was the chanpion and mom fed ice cream to all kids forever.