272 - CBL


Pin that hair up, Classy Business Lady.

You are a Lady and you have Business to get done and you'll be god damned if you don't have Classy coming out of your fucking ears.

Get me the Client on my Meeting Phone you yell firmly (but professionally) at your assistant.

He gets a Client on the phone but it is the wrong Client and you don't get the big deal! Shit! You're fired, assistant! Get out of my office!

Lunch time at the office but you don't have time to eat you only have time to SELL SELL SELL! You sell for a whole hour while other people are stuffing their fat faces. Those idiots come back from lunch with gas, you come back with Reduced Inventory and Increased Profits.

The boss comes in and sees you working double as hard in this world and takes you really seriously. You get The Promotion instead of Johnson. Johnson gets dick squat and fuck all which is about three times as much as that lazy waste of space deserves.

Eat shit, Johnson. The day belongs to Classy Business Lady.