279 - Wax On


No custodian has ever matched your prowess for buffing floors.

For three hours, you’ve worked tirelessly on the lobby floor with the hand buffer. The smooth surface of the marble tile gleams in the afternoon sunlight. A true janitorial accomplishment, this beautiful floor will make a gorgeous first impression on any clients that come in today.

Derek, the senior vice president of sales, enters through the front door. His shoes are caked in mud. As he stomps across your perfectly waxed floor, he leaves a disgusting trail of size 10 footprints. Flecks of dirt fly in all directions across the floor each time his wretched hooves touch down.

He reaches the elevators and steps in. As the doors close, Derek’s head pops out and faces you. “Hey, pops,” he calls to you, “you missed a spot.” He cackles as he pulls his head back in and the doors close.

You face the floor to hide your shame. In the bright sheen of the floor, your reflection is clear as day. A tear rolls upward off the face of your reflection and shoots up toward you, meeting at the surface of the tile the tear that fell from your own eyes.

Well, at least you won’t have time to clean the toilets today.