281 - Gib


Beep beep beep

The sweet, high-pitched sounds of imminent victory flow through your headphones as you begin to plant the bomb. Red team will be victorious this round, and you will be lauded as the player of the game.

Just before the progress bar for the bomb reaches 100%, the cheap, B-movie style slicing sound effect cuts through your ears as the blue team’s remaining member stabs you in the back. You are instantly killed and permanently shamed.

In the upper left corner of the screen, the orange console-font letters report the specific circumstances of your death. A small knife icon with a red blood splatter motif confirms to you and all players in the game that you were ganked like a n00b.

You were killed by BigDicker1776

You breathe a slow, steady sigh to control your frustration. Well, you tell yourself, you can’t win them all. As soon as you believe you have your anger under control, a dialogue string pops up in the notification feed under your death.

BigDicker1776: ur mom

You snap your shit and grab your computer monitor by both sides, then hurl it against the concrete wall of your basement bedroom, pulling it from its plugs in the wall and PC tower and shattering the LCD display. A savage howl escapes your lips as you rip your Rogues Do It From Behind shirt off your body in perfect crimson rage.  

Fuck you Big Dicker seventeen seventy six!”

You vacuum huge, heaving gulps of air rapidly into your lungs, grunting like a territorial gorilla with each exhale. Eventually, though, your nerves calm and you come back to yourself.

You calmly walk to the corner of the room, retrieve a new monitor from the spares pile, and hook it up to the tower. You’ve been kicked by the server for being away from keyboard, but that’s okay.

You were bored of that server anyway.