294 - Education


 "Alex, can you show me on the globe where Israel is?" you ask Alex, on of the many students in your 8th grade geography class. You have apparently forgotten about the last time you called on Alex.

"Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you Ms. Green?" he shoots back snidely.

"Excuse me?" you half-gasp in reply.

"Israel?" he states in the form of a question. "Really? On the globe? I'll not fall pray to your globalist agenda, Ms. Green. Not this guy."

Now you remember the last time. You take a deep breath and speak as softly as your simmering rage will allow. "Alex, I'll not have any of your wild conspiracy theories nor your anti Semitic ranting."

"Oh yeah? Well I won't have anymore of your leftist indoctrination! My eyes are open, Ms. Green!"

"Alex, if you don't know the answer to the question, just say so and we'll move on."

"Oh, so now we just moooove on, huh?" Alex mocks. "Just close our eyes to the problems of the word, to the shadow masters tugging at your strings making you dance like a marionette of complacency?"

You sigh in frustration. Engaging was a mistake. "Just forget it Alex."

"Yeah, just forget it. Go back to sleep, little sheepy. Everything will be fine when you wake up."

Alex gets an F.