299 - Innovator


 "The trend in toys in unequivocally trending towards action," Johnson explains, "and Murphy Toys must carve out our own signature corner of this growing market segment if we are to survive."

You survey the room. The board is nodding and leaning in on their elbows. He's got them. Damn.

"Action figures are a dime a dozen," Johnson continues. Cars scream action, but they're everywhere. Action bible figures, well, that's taken. That's why I'm proud to introduce Murphy Toys' new flagship product X-Creme Extreme Ice Cream!"

Johnson produces a red-and-green plastic cone from his jacket pocket topped with a checkered yellow dollop of plastic ice cream. Johnson points the top of the cone toward the board table and presses a button in the side.

A soft click sounds as the spring-loaded piston shoots the fake ice cream lump forward. It flies through the air and strikes the chairman in the left eye. He lets out a pained cry as he covers the struck spot.

Johnson covers his mouth in shock.

You do your best to suppress a snicker. The VP position is as good as yours.

The chairman sighs as he rubs his eye. "My son is going to love this. Start production."