306 - Vocabulary


 "Okay, Lil," you say to your daughter, your strained patience beginning to come through in your voice. "Let's try this again. I'll show you the card, you say the word, all right?"

Lillian nods. "Okay, daddy."

"Great," you agree, allowing yourself a small sigh of relief.

You pull the next card from the stack of See-and-Spell flash cards. A cutely drawn bird stares at you as you lift the card to eye level. "BIRD" is written in boldly outlined block lettering at the bottom of the card.

"What's on the card, Lil?" you ask.

"FUCK!" Lil shouts gleefully. She immediately breaks into the kind of beautifully unrestrained and fully joyful laugh that only young children seem capable of. Your heart swells with love for your daughter, but you brow furrows in frustration over her new favorite word.

From the corner of your eye you see a small head peek out from the hallway entrance. A quiet giggle comes from the same direction.

"Parker!" you scream furiously at your eldest son. "You were told to stay in your room until you learn not to teach your sister curse words!"

The head retreats and a fading trail of footfalls sounds through the hallway until ending with the slamming of a door.

You return to your tutoring effort. "Okay, Lil. Let's try this again."