307 - Was Wasting Money Part of Your Plan?


Halloween can be a fun holiday for ghouls and gals of all ages. The costumes, the pranks, and most of all the delicious candy come together to form a perfect mix of fear and fancy that make for a delightful celebration. This Halloween, however, we'd like to take a moment to remind parents of a new danger of Halloween.

Tainted Candy!

Everybody know that the candy is the best part of Halloween. But what happens when someone wants to turn a tasty treat into a dangerous drug? Of course everyone now knows that poisoned candy is a hoax and that there's never been a documented case of a stranger placing a needle or razor blade into Halloween sweets. But we now know that some particularly nasty people are placing illegal drugs like ecstasy, cocaine, PCP and heroin into children's treat baskets. That's right, recreational drug users and dealers have no better use for a product they spent good money on than to literally give it away to children, who may or may not even consume the drug and whom they'll never personally witness being affected by them! These psychopaths intentionally purchase illegal substances, putting themselves at great person, and sometimes even physical, risk for the sole purpose of throwing that valuable pill or power into the trick-or-treat bag of a snotty six-year old.

So be careful, parents, and make sure you're checking your children's candy for controlled substances that these sickos would have a much better time by simply taking themselves! Happy Halloween!

Update 11/2: We're pleased to report not a single incident of drugs being given out to trick-or-treaters was reported this year. Good work, parents!