311 - Shop


“What the heck is this?” Zack shrieks, yanking violently [CANNED LAUGHTER] at the woven contraption Screech has attached to his right index finger – and Zack’s left.

“Zach, I put us in this Chinese finger trap to teach you a lesson about friendship and cooperation,” Screech explains, his voice rolling in waves [CANNED LAUGHTER] as he’s jerked back and forth by Zack’s forceful efforts to escape the novelty toy on his hand. “Only after you learn to work together with me will you be able to learn the secret of this ancient and sacred eastern teaching tool and set yourself free. Only by coming together can we be apart again.”

“Screech, did you forget where we are?”  Zack asks with a cool calm flowing back into his voice.

“Duh, Zack,” Screech says sarcastically, rolling his eyes. “We’re at Bayside High!” [CANNED LAUGHTER]

“We’re in the Bayside High wood shop, Screech.”

Screech’s smug smile flees his face. In its place is left a flat expression rife with grave concern. “What are you going to do Zack?”

“Only what I need to, Screech,” Zack says, flipping the switch of the nearby table saw to the “ON” position. “Only what I need to.” [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS]