338 - Time for a Change


Your daughter is crying. She has shit in her pants again. Not one to immediately assign blame, you remind yourself that she is a baby. A flimsy excuse, to be sure, but it's kept you from resenting your child so far.

The picture of Elmo printed on the rear of her diaper shoots a mocking smile at you.

Eat shit, you little red bastard, you think at the caricature of a muppet printed on your daughter's shitty diaper. You giggle softly as it occurs to you that he technically already has.

As you reach to remove the messy diaper from your daughter, you ponder the sense of covering a shit-catcher with drawings of cartoons. Who do they do this for? It doesn't put a smile on your face to see a laughing dorky puppet when you change a diaper. You've certainly never seen your daughter look at the faces on it and laugh after she's taken a dump.

Your daughter coos and smiles at you as you wipe her bottom clean.