34 - Regularly Scheduled


Sunday on The BS it's the new shitcom everybody is already tired of!

Susan Whocares stats as a waitress or whatever and she doesn't make very much money! Ouch! Maybe her landlord is a jerk, that sounds like something people can relate to!

...where are you going?

WAIT! Um...I think...maybe her roommate is gay? Gay people are funny, right? They're different and usually they're pretty excited about penis HAHAHAHA!


Okay, she...she's really promiscuous! Yeah! She sleeps with A LOT of guys. Like WAAAAY more than you do and it's such a hassle! Oh my god! What is she going to do with all these penises?

I'll tell you what she's gonna do, she's gonna open her own dog grooming business, and have all sorts of weird customers! Like, there will be one guy who is VERY particular about the way she trims his dog's hair! Like, he pays an unusual amount of attention to the butt area of the dog. LOL BUTT STUFF!

Sometimes, we make fun of NERDS! They're different and deserve to be ridiculed you know what I mean? Science? Pfft. What is that shit anyway, they probably relate to normal people in a weird way! Stuff those dorks in a locker!

Tune in at 7! You'll eat this shit and like it assholes!