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Q: how get blud out of cloths asking 4 friend.?

Best Answer: What a great question! We've all had a cut or scrape from time to time that will stain our favorite blouse or pants, and it's a huge help to be able to remove the sanguine stain from any material! The best way to get a blood stain out is to gently work a regular bar of hand soap in to the stain, scrub gently, then wash as normal. Should come right out!

Worst Answer: was the dude you murdered a chinese

Honorable Mention: just keep spraying blood on it now you have brand new red clothes



Q: how long do u leave clothes in the dryer

Best Answer: The science isn't settled, but most physicists agree that "until they are dry" is a good guideline.

Worst Answer: until the kitten stops screaming

Honorable Mention: about tree fiddy



Q: I spilled coffee all over my white shirt while texting with the other hand because my truck hit a bump! I'm worried the stain is set, any suggestions? 

Best Answer: Consider suicide, man, you're a danger to people around you. 

Worst Answer: you can try soaking it in a solution of vinegar detergent and warm water before scrubbing and washing but if it's been sitting the stain may never fully come out sorry

Honorable Mention: seriously though you should off yourself