346 - Un Pipe


The tiny little gas pump lights up on your dash display and you know it's time for the best part of the day. You pull in to the next truck stop, claim a pump, and get started.

The card is swiped, the display beeps its steady rhythm; you slide the nozzle in the gas receptacle without the slightest pretense of romance or foreplay and the fluid exchange begins.

It's not about the truck's pleasure, you tell yourself. It's about getting that liquid where it wants to go.

The deed is done and a warm, calm satisfactions washes over your mind and body. Your skin tingles slightly and the edges of your vision blur as you replace the pump nozzle in its holster. Mission accomplished.

You retrieve your pipe from your jacket pocket. You know all about the dangers of smoking cigarettes by the gas pumps and you'll not put yourself or others in that kind of danger.

You're not some kind of weirdo.