349 - Light and Loose


Any other day the Theriot High Varsity basketball team (go Marmots!) may have beat you on the court, but today you’ve got your secret weapon.

Today you’ve got your sport sandals.

The heavily muscled silhouette on the strap with the basketball says these flip flops were made as much to score ladies as they were to score points. The matte grey finish says you’re all about function – ostentation ain’t your game. Finally, the easy strap-and-go Velcro fastening on the strap says you don’t have time to tie laces. You’ve got games to win.

With maximum breathability and minimal weight, your sport sandals will allow you to tear up the court without tearing up your girlfriend’s nose after the game. No longer will you be constrained by such petty annoyances as ankle support or…socks. Today, your feet will be free as you hit the three.

Today’s your day, and your sport sandals are going to take you all the way to the top. Time to shine.

You trip on your first run across the court and break your nose.