351 - Broken Mold


Ever since the accident people have been looking at you differently which is sort of what you wanted but they’re not looking at you differently in the way you wanted so it’s not really what you wanted at all.

You’re glad they’re not giving you those snooty-because-they-think-you’re-snooty looks because you were never snooty and never thought you were better than anybody else because of the way you looked. You knew you never had any control over the way you were made and so you didn’t take any pride in your perfect plastic proportions you just tried to be the best version of yourself but people weren’t always able to see that but you understand sometimes it’s hard for people to get past their preconceived notions and you try not to hold that against them even though it’s not always easy.

Now, though, instead of looking at you down their noses people look at you with sad puppy dog eyes just because you’ve only got one leg. You try to convey the positives like now you can move across the parking lot a lot faster than you used to because the wheels on your chair move a hell of a lot faster than your little plastic legs ever did but they think you’re just trying to show strength in the face of adversity but really it’s faster and god damn it why do they look at you like you don’t know any better?

You’re here. It happened. You’re getting over it. You wish they would, too. You always wanted people to look at you like just a regular person instead of assuming you thought you were over it all and now all these jerks want to throw you a pity party because you got run over and one of your legs popped out but it’s like there are children starving in India, guys, still and you’ve still got a car and cable what the hell can’t you do the answer is nothing and you’re not going to let that change.