354 - Kern


 "It's the same corn, man," Craig tells you, "doesn't matter what they put on the bag." He munches merrily on his kernelly snack and throws you a smug grin.

"Craig," you say, interrupting your retort for an extended sigh. "It's deer corn, man. They sell it at the feed store. It's for animals."

"Animals eat lots of shit, man," Craig says. "Don't get mad at me because I found a way to save money on my carbs."

"They don't, like, put stuff in that? Deer stuff?"

"It's corn, dude. They put corn stuff in it. Like corn. Don't be an idiot."

He has a point there, you decide. "Okay, but do you have to eat it raw, man?"

"When in Rome, my friend. When in Rome."