356 - Cordless


You sit down on the couch and start to pull your laptop down onto your thighs. The plug snags on the leg of the end table and pulls free at the wall end.

Immediately, the low-power notification pops back up.

You lean over the edge of the chair and peer at the cord lying limp on the floor. You make an honest effort to reach the cord - extending your arm almost all the way out - but your grasp falls an insurmountable fourteen inches short.

The soft cushioning of the chair grips every inch of your back, buttocks, and legs. You could get up, but you could also punch yourself in the face.

You sigh and resign yourself to the reality you will not use your laptop tonight. It'll have to be TV tonight.

Your search of the arms and seat cushion of the chair comes to an abrupt end when you spot the remote resting next to the television on the glass-top TV stand, nearly a full two yards in front of you.

The devil is in this house.