361 - Fauxna


The southern air cools to a brisk seventy-five degrees as December comes to a close, heralding the true beginning to the sub-temperate cold season.

An orange grounding plugsnake feels the slightly-above-room-temperature chill in the air and knows with its highly-tuned instincts that it’s time to find a good place to hunker down for the long, hard, two-week southern Louisiana winter.

The copper-boned reptile locates a suitably soft patch of dirt and begins to shovel dirt out with its triangular three-pronged head. Slowly working its way farther and farther underground to protect itself from bone-chilling temperatures as low as fifty degrees, the plugsnake locates an underground power cable to sustain it during its fortnight-long hibernation.

Nearby businesses will have to wait for the ground to thaw until they can restore their electricity; it’s no small wonder plugsnakes have been labelled pests and hunted to the edge of extinction.