362 - There Is No Blue Food


 "Try it; you'll like it," she says as she pushes the plastic cup containing the alien blue liquid down the bar towards you. Tight curls of chestnut hair fall wildly around her face, framing perfectly her high cheekbones and dazzling green eyes. She gives off a mischievous smirk as she shoves the drink your way.

"Um...what's in it?" you ask. Her beauty strikes you hard in the sternum and you fumble your words.

"You already asked me that, silly," she says, letting out an adorable laugh.

You pick up the cup and tilt the cup back so the cerulean concoction within just barely grazes your lips.

She sneaks her hand under the bottom of the cup and pushes upward, tilting the cup until it's almost vertical. The drink, all of it, slips neatly down your throat.

She belts out another giggle as you spat and cough from the unexpected shot. "We're going to have a lot of fun tonight," she says.

You nod and smile and pretend not to notice her wedding ring.