372 - Emergency Exit


This guy is a major creep. He keeps staring at your boobs and licking his lips. Every time he take a loud, smacking bite of his salad a little bit of white dressing rolls down his chin, but he takes no steps to clean it off. Now, he is talking about politics or whatever.

This is an EMERGENCY and it is time to make your EXIT. You tell Smackey McTitstare you have to go to the bathroom, shoulder your purse, and walk with no small amount of hurry to the rear of the restaurant.

A sign on the rear door advises you that an alarm will sound, but you know it'll be okay because this is an EMERGENCY.

The alarm sounds as you slam through the door and into the damp night air. The authorities are notified automatically by the alarm company.

When the cops show up and ask you why you've got half the fire engines in town in the parking lot of a Stuckey's you tell them all about your EMERGENCY of an awkward date. They respond by putting you in handcuffs and throwing you in the back of a police car.