375 - Prepay Inside Please


You roll into the gas station parking lot practically on fumes. Pump number 1 isn’t open, but you wait for it until your car sputters out and dies because you’re number 1 and you demand your fueling station reflect that. Appearances are important, you tell yourself as you push your car into position at the pump.

You ready your credit card and bring it up to the slot - but what’s this? The card reader is out of order, and taped over it is a half-assed sign written in black sharpie asking you to prepay inside. The paper is ripped halfway through from the side, letting you know that you’re not the only one pissed off about this business.

You refuse to give your money to a business that can’t even keep its equipment functioning; doing that would only encourage bad behavior. It’s important to have standards, you tell yourself as you push your car back into the street.