377 - Diagram


CAUTION: Study your ABC's thoroughly before operating this truck. It will quiz you occasionally and if you fail to write a proper sarif "i" it will make fun of you relentlessly and you'll probably cry.

CAUTION: Giant red Xs have been spotted in the area. They have been observed to jump out of sewer grates to surprise their victims. If you encounter one of these monsters, raise your arms in a "Y" pattern (Y is X's only natural predator) and jump up and down to make yourself appear as large as possible.

BEWARE, THE MONOLITH FROM 2001 IS WAITING IN THE TREES AND IT WILL DROP DOWN ON YOUR HEAD: Once you are unconscious, this truck will open its gaping mechanical maw and swallow your body whole, taking you into its vehicular gullet where you will be covered in digestive oils and provide much-needed nourishment for the beast.

Also always wear your seatbelt or whatever.