510 - Trust Us with Your Comfort


Lie down. Relax. Trust us with your comfort.

Allow calm to wash over you like a wave washes over the shore. What's that? You can hear the sound of water? That's great, you're very committed to this comfort exercise.

Feel the deep stillness of mind and body as the though - yes, only the mere thought - of being enveloped by water overtakes you. It is only your steadfast dedication to this mental exercise that makes you think you are being slowly submerged in a sealed tank of water.

You feel it completely now. You float weightlessly, suspended in a perfect solution. Feeling the water on every inch of your skin is feeling nothing. You are comfortable. You are relaxed. You do not panic as the water feels your lungs. You do not scream as the pain in your chest becomes unbearable. You do not doubt as I tell you this is only in your head. You welcome the darkness as it over takes you, and you slip softly away.

You trust us with your comfort.