522 - Beach Trolly


"Heck yeah, going to the beach!" you shout boisterously as you board the beach trolley.

The handful of passengers on board eye you suspiciously. An older woman clutches her purse tightly.

"What, nobody else is excited?" you ask. "We're going to the beach, people! Gonna feel some sand in our toes and swim in the ocean!"

A light murmur runs through the group.

Then, as you're about to get up, a boy no older than ten stands up from his seat in the rear of the bus. "I'm gonna build a sandcastle as big as me!" he declares.

"Heck yeah you are, little dude!" you say, shooting a couple enthusiastic index fingers at him.

The boy's courage is contagious.

"We're gonna kiss boys!" shout three young teenage girls in unison.

"Yeah, summer love best love!" you shoot back.

"My wife and I plan to have sex in the bathroom!" yells a young man in the center of the bus. A young woman near him blushes and hides her face. "It'll be great!"

"Gross!" you reply. "But hey, you do you." 

"I'm bringing twenty-four beers to the beach and I'm coming back with none!" proclaims a middle-aged man.

"Get some help, buddy. Now, let's all go out and have some fun!"

"I'm going to shit in the ocean!" screams the old woman with the tightly-gripped handbag.

"We all are, ma'am," you tell her, softly laying a hand on top of hers. "We all are."