531 - Flee


The dark rectangle stands motionless before you. Behind, the shapeless, nameless, odorless horror pursues relentlessly. Not sure what lies beyond the lightless threshold ahead but doubtless of the hell that awaits you if consumed by the void at your heels, you can’t help but view the colorless rectangle in your path as your very salvation. Three more steps and you’re out, you tell yourself.

A black pseudopod slaps at your heels, eliciting from your mouth as much of a scream as your depleted lungs can muster. A hop, skip, and maybe a bigger skip and this is over, the voice is in your head, which is you, says to your mind in your brain.

Despite the countless days you’ve spent running from the eldritch evil at your back, passing through innumerable portals with no result, you do your best to convince yourself that this is the one that will end it. Beyond this last passage lies comfort and rest. The nightmare will be over if you can only make it through the dim doorway in front of you. Two strides and half a shuffle and it’s done.

You lie to yourself until the end.