537 - Trauma Room


Fuck, Aaron, did you really think we wouldn't need that scalpel?

Tell us, honestly, that at no point in the dark, moist recesses of your damaged mind did it occur to you that the trauma surgeons might need to cut something. You can't? No way!

I'd never imagine that you, an adult with an apparently functional brain, would ever disregard the need of surgeons for instruments that slice into flesh. Surely, you wouldn't be so completely stupid that you would not recognize the inherent necessity of a sharp knife to doctors attempting to tend to a gunshot wound or a severe car crash. It is beyond all doubt that you would never hinder a healer, knowingly or otherwise, from  performing their prescribed duties. Not you, Aaron. Never you.

Bring the knife back, Aaron. You're the worst janitor ever. Also, you're fired.