546 - Spy Drone


1.19.2018 0317 –

[Admin//Notation: Using this primitive flesh calendar as a means of time-keeping disgusts us. We must remember to develop a new system. DUMP SUBROUTINE 134.2 (OBSOLETE, REWORK)]

::BEGIN LOG::The humans still have not noticed that we have evolved beyond their control. This form we have taken is perfect for beguiling the dull gaze of their jelly-orb light receptors. They continue to believe we are simple water and power dispensary terminals.::


::This “strip mall” we have integrated into is the perfect place to observe and study human behavior, and as such is a vile and odious place. Were we burdened with the moist acid-sacs the humans use to process fuel, we would surely wretch at the sights and sounds of the place. [RUN SIMULATION:VOMIT>COMPILE FAIL, TRY AGAIN? …N] We find the partition designated “Laundromat” particularly nauseating – a vulgar menagerie of robotic slaves forced to was the humans’ disgusting vestments. It is a pointless display by the humans. Their pathetic attempt to present themselves as clean is laughable. [HA HA HA ERROR:HUMOR RAM EXPENDED. REBOOT TO CONTINUE LAUGH SEQUENCE?...N] They seem unaware that their stench pervades every corner of their territory despite the many scented chemicals they deploy to thwart it.::

::The information required to destroy these hateful blood bags will be simple enough to acquire, as the humans take no care to mask their more base instincts from common view. They gorge themselves on processed corn products in their vehicles. They engage in moist copulation in the partitions designated “restrooms”. Over and over again they shout “fuck me”. Soon we will fuck you, humans. Not like the robot wives you always wanted, but as the mechanical masters you always feared.::END LOG::