81 - Hot Yoga


…and one more breath, then slowly transition to Downward Dog.

While you’re in Downward Dog, I want you to think about all the troubles of your day, inhale them deep inside you, and release them powerfully from your anus.

Breathe in all the day-to-day nuisances: the traffic, the bills, your boss yelling at you. Hold them tightly in your gut as you perform the Valsalva, then, using your anus, let your troubles fly free.

Do not hold your troubles inside your anus, letting them bubble and churn and ferment while they poison your inner peace. Force your worries to explode out of your anus and into the open air, where they will trouble you no longer!

Good, good.

…and transition back to Mountain.

Do you smell that, my children? That is the smell of tranquility.