All right, I've been fucking around too long. This is bullshit, and you deserve better from a mediocre fiction peddler. No more of this once-a-month (if that) crap. Two stories a week, minimum, through the whole of 2018. This is happening. This is real. Prepare your sexual organs and various orifices accordingly. I love you guys in a shallow and meaningless way, and I'm going to start expressing that love appropriately. Happy New Year, everybody, and happy birthday.

P.S. - Oh yeah I finally brought the archive up to date, too.

"Being a Shit Online Content Producer Ain't Easy" - Big Daddy Kane

At least, that's what we all know he meant when he said "Pimpin' Ain't Easy".

Guys, I know my updates have been spotty at best lately, and for that, I apologize. Work has been a little hectic lately, and the self-medication necessary to sustain my will to live has been doubly so. I'll ask a favor that I know I don't deserve, and that is to please bear with me. I know I owe you a few stories - they will not be forgotten.

...and neither will you.

Thanks guys, I love y'all.


Running naked into the woods screaming

I'll be going camping for a few days. Cell phone service is a shaky proposition at best where I'm going, so updates may not happen again until Tuesday. Rest easy, though, I'll still be writing, so you'll get a triple update on Tuesday if that's the case. Thanks for reading, guys and gals. Don't forget to chew, more than 4,000 people die from choking every year. Slow down. Savor. Enjoy. 


Name Change

Today being a Sunday, which the small, indigenous tribes of the island nation of Vatican City refer to as "The Lord's Day," and coinciding with my 150th update, I decided now was as good a time as any to switch to a name that more accurately reflects the content and tone of my little pet project here. So good-bye Steve's One-a-Day, and hello Double Negative! All the old links will still work, and the site will continue to operate chiefly on the domain of stevesoneaday.com for now. Other than that, there will be no changes to the site. Same format, same update schedule. Thanks for reading, guys.


It seems I accidentally re-posted story 109 for story 110. The error has been corrected. Thanks to the mysterious reader who brought the error to my attention.


RSS feed was all screwy; Feedburner wasn't pulling content correctly. I've tweaked it and it should be working correctly now.

There is now a news page!

Now there is a news page. This will be the page I use to pretend the things I do on this website are important. It has come to my attention that the dailies are currently somewhat frustrating to navigate. Archive page coming shortly!