188 - Path to Peace


After four to six weeks of painful waiting, your Cyborg Salamanders Amphibious Strongly-worded Diplomatic Negotiation Tank has arrived. You stand prepared to bring a long and lasting peace to the planet- by any means necessary.

The ultimate weapon for sitting down at the knock-down, drag-out negotiating table with the slime-overlords of Amphibia, the ASDNT comes equipped with all the latest tools in the realm of firm but fair discourse. Treaty Tasers, Ceasefire Cruise Missiles, an Uneasy Peacemaker railgun, and of course, your 105mm main gun, affectionately nicknamed “The Appeaser.”

You are taking inventory of the armament and spare parts of the ASDNT when you notice what a person overly fond of understatement might call a “problem,” and what you would call an unqualified disaster. The Axolotl Traditional Negotiation Paint Decal Set is missing!

How are you supposed to inspire trust and cooperation with the delegates of Amphibia without terrifying images of their heads on pikes and racial slurs belittling them on the side of your Tank?

Without the decal set, negotiations are doomed. The Amphibia Ambassadors will never take you seriously. Your Ceasefire Cruise Missiles will explode on deaf ears.

It is a dark day for the planet.