223 - Misprint


 "One hundred thousand units, Janet!" the Vice President of your company's games division shouts, not quite at you but definitely near you. "One hundred thousand! All useless!"

You put on your best soothing-yet-confident administrator voice. "There's got to be a market for them, Paul," you tell him.

"A market for them?" he scoffs incredulously. "These were supposed to be hundred-sided dice, boss. They sent us six-sided dice with 'C' on every side!"

"I'm sure you have a point coming, Paul."

"My point is that our market is people who play tabletop games, ma'am. We were supposed to get dice that allowed people to roll to produce values of one to one hundred, not six-sided dice with the fucking Roman numeral for one hundred on them! What are they supposed to do with these? Roll for 'C'?"

You clasp your hands in front of your mouth as you furrow your brow pensively. After less than a moment, your hands separate and you snap your fingers in victory. "Curse dice," you say.

"Curse dice?" Paul asks curiously.

"Curse dice. New game mechanic. Monster casts a curse on you, one of your dice is traded for a curse die for x number of turns. That's what the 'C' stands for. Curse."

Paul sighs. "I'll make it work, boss."

"See that you do, Paul."