242 - Eternal Dangnation


Well, you've gone and fallen through the bottom of your shoes into the Shadow Realm again. Ain't that just your luck?

You were telling Father Skeeter at the Pray-and-Pump the other day about the last time the fabric between dimensions wore thin at the exact spot of the soles of your cross-trainers and you spent a thousand lifetimes in fiery torment at the non-existent mercy of a horde of elder demons.

"Never again," you told the old petroleum padre. "Next paycheck, I'm coming down to have you bless my sneakers, pastor. I am not going through that again."

You didn't follow through, though, because you're a god dang procrastinator. So here you are, boiling in a pot of your own blood while a laughing demon stirs with a spoon that screams detailed stories of your wife having sex with other men. Rats.