72 - The One That Bot Away


You are being attacked by a giant robot, a Tachyon Industries Killbot 74h (Unit Designation “Ivan”) in fact, and the first thought you have is how perfectly the chromed chassis is fitted over titanium alloy frame.

You try your best to run from the seven foot automaton, but the patented Tachyon Industries Flexdrive™ motivators are far too efficient and nimble. Ivan catches up with your inferior flesh and bone easily.

Ivan lifts your torso into his steely arms, and the award-winning Deathgrip™ servos begin to crush your ribs.

Such incredible power!” you wheeze as the very life is squeezed out of you. You admire the Ivan’s bright scarlet eyes, staring at you coldly, calculatingly, lifelessly. You believe you could get lost in that deep red oblivion which you remember houses the deathbot industry’s best in-class targeting module, perfect for locating inferior organics for extermination.

Sparkling stars creep into your fading vision and you know you are falling in love with Ivan. You wrap your weakening arms around his stylishly riveted torso, and as your hands reach his back, your hands stumble onto Ivan’s programming module.

You can feel your emotional heart break as your literal heart feels it is about to break. An exposed programming cortex? you think to yourself. How can I love this deathbot knowing he’s so deeply flawed? 

Tears stream down your face, mostly from the pain of nearly all of your ribs being broken, but a little bit from your broken heart. You grip the programming module firmly and pull on it with all your remaining might. The module rips free, pulling wires out with it. You release it immediately. Ivan has lost your heart; it would be unfair of you to hold on to his.

Ivan’s beautiful scarlet eyes flicker then go dark. His grip on you halts all at once and he falls to the ground with a loud clunk.

You cry for hours before a passing Human Resistance patrol picks you up and brings you back to the underground bunker.

Later, while eating a tub of vanilla ice cream, you call your mother, who tells you one day you’ll meet a nice killer robot that you won’t mind being murdered by.

You just can’t believe that right now. The hurt is still too real.