363 - Grande


You are big and you require big sustenance, therefore the big box with big tacos is the only option for you. It'll be a big hassle to get a big box at this hour, but you've got a big hankering and you're not going to make the big mistake of going to bed hungry.

You put on your big boots and strap your big gun on your hip (in case you run into big trouble) then hop into your big truck. You rev the big engine and head down the driveway away from your big house.

You check you big phone (you've got a big one because you've got big hands) to make sure you don't have any text messages. While you're distracted, you don't realize the huge semi coming down the road. The huge semi slams into your big truck causing a massive wreck. Your truck suffers tremendous damage, but it's okay because you walk away with just a little scratch.