326 - Mom


You've tied your hair up with the same magenta-with-hearts hairband you used yesterday and you hope no one notices. You know Becca will come down on you if she sees - and why shouldn't she? Wearing the same thing two days in a row is something poor people do, just like she says. You know she's right because it's something you do, although you try to keep it to a minimum.

Begging mom to get you new accessories hasn't worked.

"I just bought you some last month!" Mom tells you every time you ask, completely not understanding that That's Not The Point; it's quite clear that she Just Doesn't Get It.

While you're lost in your family drama daydream, Becca sneaks up behind you. She notices the hair band. "What is that?" she asks in that crushing way only a teenage girl can. It is only the beginning.

Hours later, you hop off the bus and make the two block walk to your apartment. You manage to hold it together until you round the corner of your building from the parking lot.

You enter the apartment with tears streaming down your face. Your mother comes out of the kitchen and sees you. She doesn't say a word, just rushes towards you and takes you in her arms.

Maybe she Gets It.